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Get back to doing what you love!

Physiotherapy services for optimising functional movement, sports and spinal injuries, pain management, rehabilitation, clinical pilates and more.

Issues that we can help you with include:

• Sports and workplace injuries
• Neck pain
• Headaches
• Upper back pain
• Lower Back pain
• Rib pain
• Fractures
• Shoulder problems – Such as arthritic pain, rotator cuff injuries and frozen shoulders
• Hand, wrist and elbow problems – Such as golfers/tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome
• Pelvic, buttock and hip pain – Such as piriformis syndrome, sciatic pain and hip impingements
• Knee problems – Such as ACL and meniscus injuries or anterior knee pain
• Foot pain – Such as plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains (acute and chronic)
• Posture problems
• Pre and post-operative care including orthopaedic rehabilitation

All consultations can be claimed through your health fund if you are covered for Physiotherapy.

Foundation Allied Health also accepts all eligible NDIS, Work Cover, CTP, and DVA patients.

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