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Kids Therapy Programs

Children should not be held back from being physically active because of any condition, disability or injury. In fact, exercise can play an important role in helping them manage their quality of life and help ease or treat their condition.

Each condition comes with individual traits and complexities, hence the importance for children to exercise right for who they are.

There are some excellent factsheets which have been developed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists, to educate parents about the benefits of exercise for a range of children's health conditions and disabilities.

Kids Playing Tug of War

We believe exercise and active play can be a wonderful therapy for your child.

Foundation Allied Health now offers kids therapy programs, run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. 

Our programs are personalised so that we can focus on your child’s specific needs and also what they enjoy. The programs are great for developing balance, coordination, motor control, functional capacity and body awareness. They also promote the development of social skills by improving self-esteem and social integration.

We have lots of kids equipment and can make up some really fun activities and obstacle courses. We also have an interactive floor projection / virtual playground which makes learning and physical activity heaps of fun.


An Accredited Exercise Physiologist can provide expert care and exercise prescription for your child’s condition and physical activity needs.

We offer both private one-on-one therapy sessions as well as small group sessions (max 3 NDIS participants per group). 

We are an NDIS registered provider. Our services can come under the CB Daily Activity, CB Health & Wellbeing or Core Supports categories.

Siblings are also welcome to join in our small group sessions for an additional charge. We are also an Active Kids provider so can accept the Active Kids vouchers.

For more information or bookings please email or call 0438 780 673.

Alternatively, please fill out this contact form and we’ll be in touch!

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